ACM Programmierwettbewerb an der FAU

Rules for the ICPC winter contest 2015

For the ICPC winter contest the following rules apply (as of 08.12.2014):


Teams may consist of up to three students. Please specify your team members (if possible) at team registration. If you don't have a team yet, we will group teams directly before the competition starts.

Students of all majors are eligible.

General rules / contest schedule

You have to solve within five hours at one computer as many of the ten to twelve problems as possible. Of course, your program has to be correct, time and memory efficient to pass the (secret) system tests. You are not allowed to use any electronic device except your computer. We recommend the following auxiliaries: algorithm books (e.g. Cormen, Sedgewick, ...), English-dictionaries (contest language is English), math formulary, reference documents for programming languages... In the last years, the most successful tools were code snippets or templates for different algorithms, which then can be used in the contest.

Problem topics are from all areas of computer science and mathematics, e.g. graphs, combinatorics, geometry, parsing, number theory, ... Most of the problems can be solved with less than 100 lines of code.


The rank of team is calculated from the number of correct submissions primarily. If multiple teams have solved the same number of problems, they will be ranked by the time needed. For all problems, we count from contest start. Wrong (or inefficient) submissions give 20 minutes penalty if the problem is overall solved.

Each participant will get a certificate of participation.

Contest Environment

The winter contest will take place in the computer science tower (aka "Blaues Hochhaus", Martensstr. 3, Erlangen). You will get separate accounts for the CIP pools and the contest system. Access to your standard home directory and to the internet will be blocked.

In addition to our rule, the well known CIP pool rules apply.

We will use DOMjudge as contest system. We recommend to participate in the practice session (date TBA) where you learn how to solve and submit problems.

Programming Languages

As in the World Finals, we allow C, C++ (gcc, version TBA) und Java (version TBA). In addition to the traditional languages, we will allow Python (version TBA). It is guaranteed that every problem is solvable by every traditional language (C/C++/Java) but we don't make guarantees for Python. It is forbidden to break these restrictions.


You may register here